Conception via the methods of assisted reproduction is a long process that sometimes requires a lot of energy and patience.

This is the path in which you need a lot of strength. This is a battle that needs strategy, a plan, action and most of all, devoted and faithful allies.

Ten reasons to choose 'Nadezhda' Women's Health Hospital:

1. We deal with the most complicated cases.
Here come those of you who have gone through failures and failed when looking for help elsewhere. For us the success, measured as a percentage, is not a focal point and this is why we are not afraid of dealing with such difficult cases. What is our biggest challenge, is - you to have your baby.

2. Our philosophy is to apply an individual approach to each case.

We do not share the view that we should apply the same approach to each case. Initially we will work with you to investigate and analyze carefully your story, then we will carry out all the necessary research and do all tests to find the cause of your problematic pregnancy. Then we will prepare a detailed treatment plan, which we will discuss with you and only then will we proceed to treatment. So by following this path we have much better chances of reaching our succes.

3. We create innovations that we apply into practice.

We do not stick to standard procedures. At our research laboratories each new discovery is applied in practice. So we succeed where others fail.

4. With us you will never hear: “You are asking too many questions.” We believe that your treatment is our common cause and struggle. This is why we explain everything in details and analyze each case. And together with you we develop our strategy for achieving success.

5. We are always available.
Once you have registered at our hospital, our team is always ready to answer any of your questions. For your convenience, the team of MC “Nadezhda Reproductive”-Sofia is fluent in English. Some colleagues speak German, Spanish, French, Russian or Turkish. We are always with you and you can count on our help and support at any time by phone, email or by contacting the hospital consulting offices.

6. We strongly support the thesis that the immune system plays a substantial role in the problematic conception.

The implantation of the embryo is a process directly depending on your immunity. Carrying out our research in this scientific area, we found out different ways how to enable the implantation process. Some centres for assisted reproduction consider this element as inessential and do not focus on such research (or if they do, it is related to a small part of their work).

7. We keep track of the successful conceptions from their initiation to the end – till the day when you give birth to your baby and see how your dream comes true.
We watch the condition of our pregnant patients and we give them our special care and attention. We carry out a greater number of detailed tests, and watch for abnormalities and defects from the early stages of the pregnancy.

We created even a school for future parents so that you can feel secure and supported by us till the day when you will see your newborn child.

8. At our work we also apply alternative methods.

Acupuncture is such an alternative method that helps the blood circulation and flow to the ovaries and the uterus, and lowers the level of the stress hormones. A special programme is developed for each patient. The acupuncture sessions are performed by a physician who has specialized in application of acupuncture.

In our practice we apply only alternative methods.

9. We never give in.
No matter how difficult a particular case could be, even if there are only minimal chances for success, we take the difficult path that you have chosen and struggle together with you till the end, so that you can have your baby.

10. We apply an interdisciplinary approach to your treatment.

With us you can have a consultation with our experienced physicians, who have specialized in different medical fields and who take part in the whole process of your treatment.

To form our team, we have attracted highly qualified specialists and professionals from various medical areas, so that you can rely on them at any time in the hospital. This is our team that works as one whole, united by your innermost dream – the birth of your baby.

And this is possible to happen not because hope dies last, but because hope just never dies!

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