What shall I do when there is no baby and the pregnancy does not come?

Many boys and girls ask themselves this question after they have been waiting for their baby for many months and years.

Our advice:
First, you need some peace and a plan for action. Do not feel miserable and do not let despair gain control over your efforts to solve the problem. You should be aware that although each couple follow their own and individual path towards their desired baby, many people go through the same difficulties and failures and many people sooner or later finally succeed to embrace their long awaited baby.

Important to know:
Every sixth couple in the world is afflicted with infertility. Approximately 10-20% of the couples in reproductive age in certain period in their lives have problems conceiving a baby.

Sometimes the treatment may take years.

Therefore, if the desired pregnancy does not happen, do not postpone it, and seek help from a specialist in reproductive medicine.

It is generally accepted people to talk about fertility and the inability of some couples to have a baby after one-year trial for having a baby without using any contraception and taking into account the time of ovulation.

When the woman is aged over 35, it is advisable to seek professional help after she has been trying to conceive for six months.

What kind of problems are there?

• Approximately in 40% of the couples with problematic pregnancy, the problem is in the man.

• Approximately in 40% of the couples it is the woman who needs treatment.

• According to the statistics, every one in five couples is facing “high level of difficulty” in their trials of conceiving, but there are factors related both to the man and the woman. There are also cases that fall into the group of so called “unexplained fertility”- pregnancy is not happening despite the good indicators of both the woman and the man.

If you are experiencing a problem getting pregnant and are not sure what to start with, contact us and make an appointment for consultation with our physicians – our proven experts in reproductive medicine.

Make an appointment for a first-time visit.

Our physicians will let you know what tests you need to do and together you will draw your individual plan for diagnosis and treatment.

Take the way towards your dream for having a baby and let’s do it TOGETHER!

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