At Nadezhda Women's Health Hospital, our expert council was designed to discuss options for preserving the fertility in patients diagnosed with cancer.

Our specialists in medical oncology and assisted reproduction provide opportunities to male and female patients of reproductive age, who have to undergo chemotherapy or hormonal therapy, or patients who need replacement therapy, to be informed of options for fertility preservation and future reproduction.

Our expert council meets every Thursday at 14:30 pm.

They have to submit some particular documentation (diagnoses from previous surgery, imaging analyses, consultancy, etc.) at least three days before the regular meetings of the expert council.

Our experts:

Prof. Dr. Constanta Timcheva

A leading Bulgarian physician and professor of oncology, Prof. Dr. Timcheva has a ten-year experience in the treatment of malignant diseases. She is a chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Medical Oncology, a member of several international professional and scientific organizations as well as several European boards, that determin the tactics of the treatment of certain types of tumors. She was given the award “Physician of the Year” in Bulgaria in 2010, a National Consultant in Medical Oncology, a winner of the special prize of the Association of Cancer Patients.
Prof. Dr. Timcheva is the founder and Director of the Medical Oncology Clinic at MBAL ”Nadezhda”.

Dr. Georgi Stamenov

One of the most beloved and successful specialists in reproductive medicine in the country. Dr. Georgi Stamenov and his team have helped thousands of couples to fulfill their dreams of having a child.
Dr. Georgi Stamenov is the creator of the MBAL”Nadezhda”" and Head of the Department of Assisted reproduction.

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