“What is the time” according your body?

On 2nd June, 2016 we gave the start to the "Mother on time" project- a social initiative of "Nadezhda" hospital and the tissue bank "Bioregeneration" IN SUPPORT OF AND IN FAVOUR OF MATERNITY!

A worrying fact nowadays is that more and more women postpone having their first child until they are 30. This trend, known as "mother after 35", is a very common fact in the developed countries. Although the reasons for this phenomenon vary, the key factor in the postponement of motherhood proves to be the lack of a suitable partner, followed by other factors, such as women’s commitments and the time that modern women dedicate to obtain their education and move on their desired career path.

The chances of having a successful pregnancy with their own eggs, however, decline after women reach the age of 35. Even with the aid of assisted reproduction, the probability rate declines from 30% for women at the age of 35, to less than 5% after they reach the age of 43. This alarming drop is primarily due to the irreversible processes of reduction in the number of their eggs and the deterioration of the quality of their eggs, processes that are preceding the final shut down of their ovaries at the time of their menopause. Unlike men, women’s physiological fertility margins are limited.

Unfortunately, in the 21st century this stage in modern women’s lives coincides with the period of their most intense academic and career development, which leads to the postponement of their motherhood for a later stage in their lives. This fact is often neglected by most women, especially those who have difficulties in finding a permanent life partner.

Women should be aware of their reproductive options and of the fact that the modern medicine cannot influence their fading ovarian function and turn their biological clock back.

On the basis of our long experience, we recognize the increasingly high rate of elderly patients at advanced reproductive age, who are looking for the help of assisted reproductive technologies, so that they can conceive their own child. And another worrying fact -an increasing number of women have problems such as: very poor quality of their eggs and a low number of eggs that had started to decrease in their early childbearing age. Women are exposed to more and more diseases, that even before their clinical expression, irreversibly influence women’s ovarian functions and lead to non-viable eggs.

A woman’s biological clock, when it cannot be influenced by the application of medications, can be stopped by applying the method of freezing good eggs. This procedure has to be carried out at a woman’s earlier age.
This method gives women a real advantage in their race against the time because the stored frozen eggs remain the same age at which they were frozen. The process of cryopreservation of oocytes can be successful but it requires special skills, years of experience and a highly qualified team of professionals. It also requires reliable cryo-equipment secured with safety systems and trained team who will provide optimal conditions for the storage of frozen reproductive cells.

"Mother on time" project is a social project of Nadezhda Hospital and Bioregeneration - the largest tissue bank in the country. It aims to inform women about the limits of their reproductive options and how to take care of their own reproductive health, how to preserve their chances of getting pregnant by freezing their own eggs if there is no partner or they are not planning a pregnancy at a certain stage of their lives.

The data from the survey on young Bulgarian women’s attitudes towards their reproductive abilities, conducted by “ExactaResarch” Group in April 2015, reported almost absolute majority of women who said that childbirth is important to them. At the same time, a disturbing high rate (55% of women with secondary and higher education) are over optimistic about how the biological clock in a woman actually works and at what age a woman begins to lose her reproductive capabilities.

"Mother on time" foundation as a social project of Nadezhda Hospital and Bioregeneration was set up to support these women and the Motherhood – the motherhood that is supposed to happen in time.

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