It is important that your partner is with you at this very moment, because his support, even only emotional, is extremely necessary for you.
In addition, he has to provide sperm so that the aspirated oocytes can be fertilized with his sperm.

Take into consideration that the date of your puncture will be known at least 2-3 days in advance, so plan carefully your activities and most importantly - calculate the time required for sexual abstinence (from 2 to 7 days), which is required when the sperm is given on the same day of the follicular puncture.

Consult a biologist for appropriate sexual abstinence, because sometimes it can influence the sperm parameters of your partner.

Before the puncture:

  • Your partner should have had his tests (AIDS, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and C - not later than three months before the beginning of the In vitro procedure).
  • Your partner should have been informed in detail about the upcoming procedure and confirm it by signing the informed consent of the General Documentation for In vitro fertilization.

On the day of the puncture while you are in the manipulation room, your partner should be waiting in front of the Andrology laboratory (office 9, ground floor, the right wing at the main entrance of the hospital).

When your puncture procedure is completed and the Embryo laboratory has confirmed the presence of eggs in your follicular fluid, your partner will be called to provide sperm for fertilization.

What should the man be familiar with?

Before the ejaculate is obtained it is necessary the man to:

  • make sure his bladder is empty,
  • wash his hands and genitals;

The ejaculate is released into a sterile container and passed to the biologist from the Andrology laboratory where it is to be processed.

Sperm are isolated, capacitated, hyperstimulated and prepared to fulfill their primary function.

  • For the purposes of the fertilization procedure via an In vitro method can be used both sperm from the partner/the spouse obtained on the day of the follicular puncture (or previously frozen semen), as well as semen from a donor. The decision to be used donor sperm must be stated in writing before the beginning of the procedure, and the couple has to fill in the necessary documents.

In some cases when it is not possible for your partner to give sperm in the hospital, the sperm can be brought from home. It is imperative that this act must be done personally by your partner, not later than 30-40 minutes after he has obtained the sperm in a sterile container provided beforehand.

In case there are no detectable sperm in the ejaculate, the sperm is obtained by a testicular puncture. Your partner will be informed in advance and in detail about this option by a specialist (urologist-andrologist).

If cryopreserved genetic material from the man is to be used, or donor sperm or the goal is the eggs to be aspirated and frozen immediately without being fertilized, your partner is not necessary to be with you in the hospital.

It is important to know that when frozen sperm from your partner will be used and he is not at the clinic on the day of the puncture and embryo transfer, it is necessary that you have a verified by a notary power of attorney in which to be stated your partner’s consent for thawing and using his own genetic material. You can get the form from the Andrology laboratory.

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