Pregnancy test after embryo transfer

This is the moment when we will find out whether we have succeeded, if together we have achieved the most beautiful goal in life- to be created in you a new life that will grow.

We know that you may go through many different emotions: from fear to euphoria, from bright thoughts to dying faith, we also know that you try to track every signal of your body that may imply that the attempt has been successful ...

Two weeks after the transfer you must have a pregnancy test - blood or urinary.

The Blood pregnancy test is done in the clinical laboratory.Peripheral blood from your arm is used so that the levels of beta hCG can be measured.

The Urinary test is done at home. It is very important for you not to rush to do it before the 14th day of the transfer.

Whatever the final result is, it is absolutely necessary you to call and inform your physician whether the result from the pregnancy tests is positive or negative. Depending on the test result you will be advised on what to do next.

If there is a positive result - you will have to make an appointment for ultrasound examination (about 20 days after the embryo transfer) so that the presence of an embryo in your uterus can be confirmed.
If the test is negative, you should make an appointment to comment on the procedure with your obstetrician-gynecologist. Together with him/her you will discuss in detail the possible causes of failure and will draw a treatment plan for further actions.

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