About Us

Our mission is to help women, who have difficulties in conceiving, to embrace their babies.

Being aware of the immense responsibility that we take, we dedicate our efforts to:

• provide the best medical care and treatment to our patients;
• work with the most advanced medical equipment and employ the best highly qualified specialists, applying all innovations in the field of reproductive medicine;

• deal with the most complicated cases and always support our patients;
• be led and inspired by the success of each couple, rather than the financial aspect;
• be leaders in our field so that our patients can receive the best medical care and treatment.

We believe that each patient should have an individual treatment plan and that this plan must be created and followed with the informed consent of the patient.

We are making efforts together with you and together we will find the right path to your long-awaited child. We will discus and plan together. And together we will succeed!

2 > 42% successful pregnancies

Treatment of challenging infertility cases

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3 Offices and surgery rooms

Offices, surgery rooms, laboratories.

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4 IVF treatment and fertility tests

IVF has helped countless infertile couples experience the joys of parenthood.

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Why am i not getting pregnant?

1 What to Do When You Can't Get Pregnant

Every sixth couple in the world is afflicted with infertility. Approximately 10-20% of the couples in reproductive age in certain period in their lives have problems conceiving a baby.

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2 Reasons for infertility

What are some possible causes for infertility?

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