Congratulations, you are pregnant!

So many of our patients have been longing for years to hear these words, although there are couples who have no difficulties reaching this happy moment, this is why we call the conception a miracle.

From the moment when a woman finds out that she is pregnant her life starts to change dramatically - you are to undergo a 40-week adventure, full of emotions and excitement.

For us, your physicians, your pregnancy is a challenge – because there are weeks ahead us when we will need to take care of two patients (you and your baby), both of them – very special!

Pregnancy – our ancestors gave the name of this condition and this word means something full of meaning and emotion, but even when it brings happiness, it could also be a burden for a woman’s body.
Your heart will have to pump more blood, your body will change and your bones will have to carry more weight, your uterus will enlarge with each stage of the growth of the baby and your breasts will prepare for the upcoming lactation.

All the invisible changes that occur in your body, enabling it in a unique way to provide everything necessary for the development of the fetus, are as important as the visible ones.
Monitoring your pregnancy includes various tests, check-ups and examinations, selected by type and time so that they can give physicians an idea whether everything, which you and your baby (or babies) are experiencing during the stages of the baby’s development, is going normally.

Modern medicine gives an opportunity to every pregnant woman to undergo a number of specialized tests that will provide the most accurate information for the proper development of the fetus.

At the Multispecialty Hospital for Active Treatment "Nadezhda", the most modern and comfortable gynecological clinic in the country, you will find the most advanced facilities and proven professionals who you can trust.

The hospital offers female consultation and highly specialized examinations and tests - fetal morphology, fetal echocardiography, detailed screening analyses, invasive and non-invasive prenatal diagnostic analyses.
You can rely on our support any time when you face some medical challenges during your pregnancy.

At ”Nadezhda” hospital - a multiple pregnancy, advanced maternal age of women or her comorbidities and previous surgeries are never a reason for our team to direct you to another hospital.

Our long experience in high-risk pregnancies, and the equipment and conditions in our “High risk pregnancy” ward, allow us to offer you our medical care that meets the highest standards for quality .
Your pregnancy will change not only your body, but will also prepare you emotionally for that great journey called parenthood.

Although we may think we know everything that happens after the birth of the baby, there are no recipes, and sometimes in our civilized and sophisticated modern times, some of our instincts are not sufficiently developed at the expense of our scientific knowledge.

To help you overcome with smile and easily the turbulent waters of pregnancy and childbirth, we have created our School for Parents, which is free of charge and is open to all pregnant women and their partners, in this special time of their lives.

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