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The Histopathology laboratory is a unit performing clinical activity associated with diagnosis during and post-surgery. The lab examines tissue materials, based on which an emergency diagnosis is needed during surgery (i.e. Gefrier or frozen section procedure), and then, based on the result, clinicians determine the range of the surgery.

Most often this occurs when there is suspicion of a malignant tumor. If the tumor is confirmed, a radical surgery is carried out, avoiding making two interventions which would significantly traumatize the patient.


The laboratory processes tissue and cell materials in order to get a diagnose; in ‘Nadezhd’ MHAT we work with materials of the female reproductive system: diagnostic and therapeutic curettage and biopsies of uterus and cervix, operational materials after laparoscopy and laparotomy, placentas after risk pregnancies and births, biopsy and operational breast materials, biopsy materials of various organs of the body. The information received from these materials provides basis for the final diagnosis and the stage and outcome of the disease.

In the laboratory are confirmed the morphologically identified fetal malformations. Last but not the least, our unit is engaged in prophylactic activities by preparing cervical smear results in order to exclude precancerous conditions and cervical cancer.

The tissue material is processed automatically with the most modern equipment. Preparations of very high quality are obtained, which allows an accurate diagnostic assessment by a doctor who is closely profiled in the field of gynaecological, obstetric, surgical and oncological pathology.

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