The Genetic consulting office at ‘Nadezhda’ MHAT accepts patients with diverse clinical picture - couples with fertility problems, pregnant women with risk to the fetus, families with inheritable diseases, children with delayed neuro-psychological development and congenital abnomalities.

Medical-and-genetic counseling are conducted by doctors with specialty in Medical Genetics in office no. 15 on ground floor, every Monday from 5:15 pm. Please book an appointment in advance.
The purpose of the consultation is to build up a comprehensive concept in the development and/or transmission of hereditary disease or predisposition, assigning the appropriate diagnostic tests, interpretation of results, estimating the risk for the specific disease, selection of a therapeutic approach.

The Genetic Laboratory offers a large range of tests, mainly related to the diagnosis of reproductive problems - karyotyping (postnatal cytogenetic analysis, chromosome analysis); postnatal microarray analysis of microdeletion syndromes; prenatal genetic diagnosis via amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling, non-invasive prenatal test; pre-implantation genetic diagnosis/screening; microarray analysis of abortion material; DNA analysis for Y chromosome microdeletion; DNA analysis of congenital thrombophilia; HPV-genotyping.

We are proud to say that the lab is the first in Bulgaria to introduce pre-implantation genetic diagnosis of embryos.


• Slaviana Yaneva, a molecular biologist

• Blaga Rukova, molecular biologist

• Dr. Rada Staneva, medical geneticist

• Dr. Savina Hadjidekova, medical geneticist

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