During your IVF procedure, you will receive information by the embryologists over the phone about the progress of your eggs/embryo. On the day following egg collection, you will get information about the type of fertilization procedure, the number of normally fertilized eggs and what comes next in the following days.

We provide information about the division on day 3 and day 5 after egg retrieval, but you may receive a call on any of the other days. We will schedule your embryo transfer, which may be performed between days 2 to 5 after egg collection.

In IVF procedures, patients receive an embryology report about the procedure and the development of the embryos, as well as pictures of the embryos selected for transfer.

In EmbryoScope culturing, patients receive a special report completed by the device, which report includes a series of images from the different stages of development of the selected embryos.

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