The embryology laboratory is located on the first floor.

It consists of several rooms that are spatially and functionally connected:

The lab provides a dressing room for embryologists; it is equipped with powerful ventilation for air purification when entering the lab.

The main room is the biggest one and it is also the place where the IVF and embryo culturing take place. It is separated into 3 sections, each one equipped with laminar box, stereo microscope, inverted microscope and an ICSI micromanipulator. The room is equipped with 5 large, 9 small and 2 benchtop incubators. These incubators are separated according to their functions: for equilibration of different environments, for heating supplies, for eggs storage after egg collection and for embryo culturing. Since September 2014, the laboratory has been equipped with 3 EmbryoScopes as well. These are integrated incubators, which include systems for monitoring, analysis and storage of the information about the development of the embryos of patients /please, see Time-lapse monitoring system/.

Cryobox – this is a room designed to operate with liquid nitrogen and to perform freezing and thawing procedures. It is equipped with a laminar box, incubator, Dewar vessel for transportation the frozen samples to the egg/embryo bank, and a system which brings the liquid nitrogen directly to the laboratory.

Infectious box for handling patients suffering infections. To ensure both patients and staff safety, there is an independent room for patients who suffer serological diseases or are carriers of such diseases and need assisted reproductive methods. The room is equipped with an incubator, a laminar specialized for handling infectious materials, and a stereo and inverted microscopes.

There is an office for operating and storage of documents next to the lab, and a storage room for laboratory consumables.

Our lab meets all Bulgarian and European standards. There is a restricted access for outsiders; the lab is equipped with HEPA filters for air purification and an additional CODA Air Purifier that captures flying organic compounds (VOC). A positive air pressure is kept in the laboratory at all times, which does not allow unpurified air to enter the premises. The purity of the air in the premises meets GMP grade D, and Grade A in relation to operating with cells in the laminars, which are measured annually by a certified company.

The temperature and gases in incubators are monitored daily. Each incubator is equipped with an external gas filter and an additional internal filter for purification the air inside. The internal filter is changed monthly and the external – every three months. The laboratory is cleaned with specialized non-cytotoxic disinfectants.

The embryology laboratory is connected to three manipulation rooms with modern equipment for egg collection and embryo transfers. Each room is connected to the lab via small window, which serves as a passage for fast and safe delivery of follicular fluid and catheters for embryo transfer. The window is closed on both sides by transparent small doors to maintain the lab clean. Communication takes place via internal hands free phone system.

The connection with the andrology laboratory, located on the ground floor, is possible via internal small elevator which connects the two laboratories only. Thus, after analyzing and processing, the sperm cells for fertilization are transported directly to the embryology laboratory.

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