Semen analysis - why?

In order to take the right decision regarding your forthcoming INDIVIDUAL treatment plan, your treating physician needs the results of several assessments.

For men, an assessment called semen analysis is required. This is one of the first tests to be done in order to determine the reason for infertility.

The semen analysis provides information on the count and quality of sperm cells.

After analyzing the results, your treating physician and the specialists from the lab will decide whether normal pregnancy can occur or the male partner is the cause of infertility.

We recommend the semen analysis test to be done at an assisted reproduction clinic of your choice.

What are you supposed to do before the semen analysis?

Please call Registration Desk in order to ask for an appointment for semen analysis.If you already have an appointment for initial examination with a fertility specialist, it is advisable to have the results of a recent semen analysis on the day of your fertility specialist consultation. Thus, the medical team will be able to determine the optimum course of action in your case for starting or continuing your treatment. Semen analyses at ‘Nadezhda’ Hospital are made mainly in the afternoon. The results of a standard semen analysis are ready by the end of the same day. The results of extended semen analysis with a morphology features according to Kruger strict criteria are ready the next working day, and the SDI semen analysis - one week later.

  • We recommend you sexual abstinence of 2 to 5 days.Such an abstinence period ensures most objective results. A longer period of abstinence can pose a threat to the quality of the results.

On the day of your semen analysis you first meet the biologists at the Andrology laboratory. At your first visit a questionnaire is completed, which will be included in your file. The information from this questionnaire is strictly confidential, it is for your treating physician and the biologists’ team use only as based on it the medical team decides on your potential treatment. The questionnaire contains data about both partners, results from previous semen analysis and procedures. We need information about your health, diseases you have suffered, living and working conditions. All personal information you provide will be used solely by our team in view of correct diagnosis and treatment. We assemble a dossier for you where copies of all semen analyses made in our hospital are kept on file. These assessments are extremely important and necessary to further monitor your treatment.

  • Before your semen analysis you will be appointed mandatory serology tests (AIDS, Wasserman, Hepatitis B and C) and microbiology.

How is the assessment performed?

The semen is obtained by masturbation in specifically designated rooms. They are located next to the Andrology laboratory and are interconnected with it.

Before giving the ejaculate it is necessary:

  • to empty the bladder;
  • to wash your hands and genitals;

The material is collected in a sterile container and it is handed over to a biologist of the lab.

The semen analysis is done by specially trained biologists.

When examining the material a number of rules are strictly observed in order to obtain correct results.

The most important parameters to be assessed are:
• ejaculate volume in milliliters

• sperm concentration - the amount of sperm cells per milliliter

• total count of sperm cells in the ejaculate

• sperm cells’ motility in %, separated into several categories

• sperm cells morphology in %, i.e. how many of them have a regular shape

Specific morphology test according to Kruger - sperm cells are stained via special technology. The preparation is examined under a microscope and sperm cells are separated into different categories depending on whether they have a normal morphology and the type of defects, if any. Thanks to colouration, defects can be seen more clearly.

Test results

The standard semen analysis results are ready within one business day. Normal values may vary between different laboratories and between the semen analyses within a period of time (the spermatogenesis is a continuous process taking 72-74 days).

Normal values

  • volume of 1.5 ml
  • concentration of 15 million per ml or more
  • total sperm count greater than 39 million
  • sperm motility - progressive motility 25% or total motility 40% or above
  • Morphology (normal forms) - 14 %
  • morphology based on Kruger strict criteria - more than 4% normal forms

The most common diagnoses or what can be the conclusion of my results?

  • Normozoospermia - all values are within the normal range
  • Oligozoospermia - low sperm count
  • Asthenozoospermia - reduced sperm motility
  • Teratozoospermia - poor sperm morphology
  • Azoospermia – no sperm cells in the ejaculate

All results are given in person.The biologists will explain to you the results and the conclusion of your semen analysis. Compiling all your relevant medical files, you visit your fertility specialist who will decide how to proceed further.

What if the results are bad or abnormal?

Our first advice is to make re-testing after a certain period of time in order to confirm or reject the results. This could be a temporary condition. The semen analysis varies within certain limits. Sometimes the cause is unknown side factor that has temporary negative impact on the assessment.

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