The Andrology laboratory at ‘Nadezhda’ MHAT is located at ground floor (right side of the central entrance, office 009).

The lab has the most modern equipment and features the latest generation of New Brunswick incubators, which provide optimal conditions for sperm cells culturing.

The laminar boxes are with vertical air flow and warming board, ensuring sterility and favorable temperature for handling sensitive cells. The laboratory has Coda Air filtration and purification system; the premises are with restricted access.
The lab has also a CASA system for computer evaluation and analysis of sperm cells.

We pay special attention to patients with infectious diseases. The laboratory has a separate private area for performing analysis, processing, freezing and thawing. Thus, we ensure the security of all patient samples.

The lab also has centrifuges withswinging rotors which provide a soft and gentle processing of sperm cells.

Cryopreservation of gametes enables their long-term storage in a specialized cryobank, while preserving their vitality for future assisted reproduction attempts.

Extraction of biologic material:
We have 2 rooms for extraction of biological material ensuring patient’s comfort and tranquility.


Our team consists of young, dynamic and innovative specialists and committed to their job.
Each year all our specialists improve their qualifications and knowledge in the field of assisted reproduction by attending international congresses and courses worldwide.
This allows continuous introduction of innovations which we implement into practice.
We collectively discuss and evaluate each case which allows an individual approach to every patient.

Working hours of the Andrology laboratory:

For any questions, comments on results, arranging appointments for semen analysis and freezing of genetic material, please visit office 009 - Andrology laboratory from 12:00 to 6:00 pm.

IMPORTANT: By 12:00 the Andrology laboratory attends patients undergoing assisted reproduction procedures (IVF or IUI).

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