Nadezhda Hospital Map

Rooms and Wards

Welcome toNadezhda Women's Health Hospital

Here you can obtain information about the location of the different offices and wards in our hospital.

Floor: Minus 1

See the virtual tour on floor minus 1 inNadezhda Hospital

Parking for visitors

Bioregeneration Tissue bank
Research laboratory

Room: Emergency
Room: Acupuncture
Hospital pharmacy

Ground floor:

Virtual tour of the ground floor in NadezhdaHospital

Main foyer:
Registration Desk
Cash Desk
Consultations: Tissue Bank "Bioregeneration”
Pharmacy:(across the Registration Desk), under the counter medicines, cosmetic products and medical supplies.

Room 004: Gynecology and Reproductive health consultation
Physician: Dr. Georgy Stamenov

Room 003: Admission office: Pregnancy and Labour;

Room 002: Gynecology and Reproductive health consultations
Physician: Dr. Sabina Persenska

Room 001: Gynecology and Reproductive health consultation
Physician: Dr. Meftune Shefketova, doctor Dimitar Tzvetkov

Surgery: next to the side entrance of the hospital; central foyer;
Pediatrician surgery: next to the side entrance of the hospital; central foyer;
Discharge room – new born babies: central foyer, between pediatrician surgery and room 43
Room 43: Consultation surgery / “Diagnostic Imaging “ward/
Room 42: X-ray laboratory technicians / “Diagnostic Imaging “ward/
Room 41: Computer tomography / “Diagnostic Imaging “ward/
Room 40: Radioscopy / “Diagnostic Imaging “ward/
Room 39: Radioscopy // “Diagnostic Imaging “ward/
Room 38: Mammography // “Diagnostic Imaging “ward/
Room 37: Radioscopy / “Diagnostic Imaging “ward/

Side aisle:
Heart beats measuring – room across staff room 035/
Room 24: Admission to the hospital wards /delivery unit, surgery unit, assistance reproductive care/

Foyer, /aisle, on the right side of the Registration desk/:
Room 019: Prenatal diagnostics
Physician: Dr. Marina Mihova,Dr.Chacheva
Room 018: Prenatal diagnostics
Physician: Dr.Georgiev, Dr.Panayotova
Room 017: Female consultation
Room 016: Consultation room: Cardiologist and Internist
Room 015: Consultation room: Immunology
Room 014: Sector Angiology (Cardio-Vascular medicine): physician: Dr.Angel Radev
Room 013: Internal medicine and diseases and gastroenterology: Dr.Valentina Petrova
Room 21: Clinical Laboratory

Central foyer on the right side of the entrance (toward the hospital garden).
Room 009: Andrology Laboratory
Room 012: Consultancy room – Urology and Andrology; Consultation room, Surgery
Room 007: Surgery room /insemination/
Sector behind the Registration Desk:
Coffee Bar - restaurant

1st floor: A floor with restricted access

Virtual tour inside the Operation rooms and Delivery Rooms of NadezhdaHospital

Here are located the following hospital units and laboratories:
Four operation halls, including the Sectio ward;
Three delivery units designed for normal childbirth delivery;
Intensive Care Unit: 8 beds for intensive care and reanimation;
Embryo Laboratory
Three specialized medical units for punctures and transfer
Immunology laboratory
Genetic laboratory
Histopathological (cytological) laboratory
Microbiological laboratory
Unit designed for pre- and after surgery recreation
Daily hospital unit /for recovery after minor medical interventions/

2nd floor: Post-natal clinic, Neonatology

Virtual tour inside the Post-natal clinic, Neonatology Unit

On the blue-colored floor of the hospital are located the following units:
Post-natal clinic, and
Neonatology Unit

3rd floor: Gynecology

Virtual tour inside the Gynecology Unit

On the rose-colored floor of the hospital are located the Clinic of General and Oncological and the Surgery Clinic of Gynecology.

4th floor: Medical Oncology and Surgery Unit

Virtual tour inside the Medical Oncology Unit

Clinic of Medical Oncology, free access by the elevator located at the central entrance.

5th floor:

Virtual tour on floor 5

Conference Hall;
Offices: Administration;

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