You have undergone a Caesarean section at Nadezhda Hospital - when will you see and touch your baby, will you be able to realize an emotional bonding between a mother and a child, when will you be able to put your baby on your breast and start feeding him or her?

As you might have already read, at a Caesarean section procedure the baby is delivered at the very beginning of your stay in the operating room – only about 5 minutes after the start of the surgery. The baby is carefully taken out by the surgeon in a manner largely simulating the baby’s passing through the natural routes of birth. Since nowadays the muscles of the abdominal wall are not cut, but just pulled aside, the baby experiences some resistance while overcoming this obstacle. Usually, the baby’s head comes out (is born) first and then the baby’s body – just as in a normal delivery. You will not feel any pain, but you may feel some pulling or tension at the time when the baby is taken out.

Here is the baby! Congratulations! You are already a mom!

Do not expect to hear a loud baby’s cry. Some newborns just cry quietly and start breathing normally. Other babies do cry as if they want the whole world to hear and see that they were already born!

Pay attention to the exact time when your baby was born and their gender! A midwife and a pediatrician will take care for your baby. They will do some medical check-ups and help your baby get adapt. They will weigh and measure your baby, attach an identification band with a number to your baby’s wrist, the same number as the one that they put on your wrist. The numbers are unique and are never duplicated!

In case there are no complications during the operation and the baby does not need any critical care, you may be able to form some short maternal-baby bonding – to put the baby on your breasts for a minute. However, because all the tissue layers, that have been opened while the baby was taken out, now have to be carefully recovered, we usually refrain from allowing this contact to take a longer time in order to let the operating team complete the operation without any disturbances or distractions.

Usually, once you have seen your infant, they also take a minute for the father, and then they are left to the care of our team from the Neonatology Ward until you leave the operating room and undergo the period of post-surgery critical care.

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