After completion of the operation you will be transferred to the Intensive-Care Unit. If it is appropriate, your relatives can see you for a while. During your stay in the Intensive-Care Unit you will continue to have intravenous infusions, overall control on your medical condition, the condition of your operative wound, blood pressure and pulse.

Here you will be given some pain relief medications if required – if you have any pain, communicate that to your midwife. It is normal for you to feel some shaking or cold after the operation. It is due to many factors – anesthesia, cold solution infusions, loss of warmth (the baby keeps you warm before the delivery) – none of these conditions is pleasant, but they will quickly go away (in 15-20 minutes). The pain relief medications that you will be given in the Intensive-Care Unit will depend on your pain tolerance – the pain will not be completely eliminated due to the fact that it is an important indicator for your health condition.

If your condition and the baby’s allow, infant can be brought for a short meeting in the afternoon hours – this is the time when you will have the chance to put your baby on your breasts for a while, or just to hug your baby. Even if it does not happen during the first hours after giving the birth, do not regret or feel disappointed – what is most important now both for you and the baby is your fast and complete recovery that will allow you to stand on your feet as quickly as possible and take care of your baby.

You will stay in Intensive-Care Unit within 6 and 24 hours, at the discretion of your anesthesiologist. Your anesthesiologist will inform you when you are allowed to drink water depending on your medical condition.

Before you are transferred to the postnatal clinic our staff will help you start moving. The sooner you start moving alone – the so-called "active movement", the faster you will recover. Any time you try to stand up after a surgery, you will always feel that something is tearing and pulling inside you, and you will feel some pain. Do not worry – these conditions are normal! They should not stop you from performing active movements – they will disappear gradually.

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