An elective Caesarean section is usually performed about 7-10 days prior to the expected date of delivery; in cases of a multiple pregnancy, or for some other reasons, it may be scheduled for an earlier date.

The preparation requires some tests (blood, urine), consultation with an anesthesiologist and/or a therapist, echocardiography (at doctor’s discretion), and a statement with all medical indications for authorized Caesarean section.

Planned admission

Admission to hospital is determined by the physician, and usually on the day right before the surgery. The Registration Desk will direct you to the Reception Room (№31 on the ground floor).

You will be examined there by the doctor on duty and all the medical admission documentation will be processed. You need to have your identity card with you, a clinical path for hospitalization and an exchange card (for health insured patients), and some of your tests.

In the Reception Room you will be asked to sign the declarations of informed consent for the procedure.

At the Maternity Unit

After the administrative procedure, someone of our hospital staff will escourt you from the Reception Room to your room in the Delivery Ward of the Maternity Unit (3rd floor).

Before the start of the surgery, you will be consulted by an anesthesiologist, an internist and some other medical specialists if necessary.

You will be given instructions about when you should stop eating any food the night before the operation. When the operation is planned for the morning, usually you should stop taking any food around 06:00 PM the previous evening, as you are allowed to have only light and fast digestive food. In the morning before the surgery starts, patients must not take any food and water.

Your relatives may visit you during the general visiting hours.

In the ward you will have free Internet access and a TV. If you wish, you can go to the cafeteria on the ground floor and we advise you to follow all the instructions on food and beverage consumption.

On the Day of Surgery

On the day of surgery you will be taken to the first floor for a pre-surgery preparation, where the operating rooms are located. Immediate pre-surgery preparation includes as follows:

  • Washing of your genitals and anterior abdominal wall (shaving, the height of the anterior abdominal wall is approximately 4-5 cm above the pubic bone, the whole abdominal area is not shaved)
  • Enema
  • On completion of your toilet – you will be given a hospital gown to put on without wearing any underwear)
  • Installation of an intravenous cannula (abbocath) for intravenous infusion
  • Placement of an urethral catheter
  • Administration of anesthetic after skin disinfection of your back
  • The operative field will get prepared after disinfection and treatment of your abdominal wall.

And when will your relatives hear the wonderful news? Surgery duration depends on each specific case. A baby is usually delivered 3-5 minutes after the beginning of the surgery, which lasts on average between 40 minutes to an hour.

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