Generally, the so-called C-section by urgency is performed in two cases – when there are medical indications with already planned C-section and when delivery has started spontaneously before the appointed date; and in cases of a normal birth, running with some complications threatening the health of the mother or the child. C-section may be performed at any stage of already started normal delivery, except in the cases of “head incision”, i.e. at the time when the baby’s head is coming out. In this case the delivery has to be completed as normal delivery.

The level of emergency is determined depending on the specific health condition of both the mother and the baby. In extreme emergency, surgery proceeds immediately. In most cases, however, we refer to the so-called delayed or postponed emergency, where a surgery is not required within minutes, while the woman in labour is waiting under constant medical observation for being included in the regular schedule of the operating teams.

Since in such cases there is not a planned admission from the previous day, all pre-surgery examinations and tests cannot be carried out according as usual, but in urgent procedures:

  • blood tests are conducted by an emergency laboratory, if needed
  • consultation with an anesthesiologist is provided by the anesthesiologist on duty
  • follow-up procedures are performed as a planned surgery procedure
  • the woman in labour has her toilet done after her admission to the hospital
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