C-section or a surgery is required to be done if the delivery cannot end successfully in its normal way for some reasons on the part of the fetus and the mother, when the baby is delivered not vaginally, but with the assistance of a doctor and is taken out of the uterus through the abdominal wall.

Surgical delivery dates back to the ancient times – records of Egypt, India, China, and Rome later mention about a childbirth through “abdominal incision”. Thousands of years ago, however, this technique was used as a final desperate attempt in case of death or when the pregnant woman was at risk of dying close to or on the date of birth, and was done as a lifesaving measure for the baby.

The first “modern” Caesarean section was performed nearly a hundred years ago and mother’s mortality rate started gradually to drop down from about 100% in the past to almost 0 % nowadays. Today, surgical delivery is neither a sensation nor even an extreme measure as it used to be a few decades ago.

With the modern aseptic techniques, antibiotics, blood transfusion, advanced operational equipment and the development of anesthesia, the enormous risks that women used to face 100 years ago are now almost reduced to minimal.

Moreover, a Caesarean section on maternal request has become more and more popular, i.e. to be done without any medical indications for that, which is in fact a controversial decision that the good medical practice tries to restrict.

Here you will find some useful information about admission and hospitalization for surgical delivery at Nadezhda Hospital with a description of the procedure itself.

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