Your baby was born! Congratulations!

Nowadays obstetricians and gynecologists recognize the important role of the first moments after the birth for the physiological and psychological condition of the newborn. This is so because the normal birth does not end with the birth of the baby and the placenta but it also involves the first contact between the mother and the baby – the so-called bonding, or imprinting – those priceless moments of the intimate contact between the mother and the newborn when the “skin to skin” contact serves to transfer to the baby valuable mother’s microflora, reassures the newborn thanks to the mother’s warmth and the familiar sound of her heartbeat, gives the baby a breath of hope and security in the baby’s new world. This is the time when the newborn receives the first few drops of colostrum and this is the beginning of the baby’s bond with his/her mom. It is believed that bonding immediately after birth helps the newborn to adapt easily.

In the delivery rooms of MHAT ”Nadezhda” we give you the opportunity to spend with your newborn the first moments and hours of his/her life in the real world, provided that your own or your baby’s health condition do not require any intensive medical care.

Immediately after the birth of your baby he/she is put to the care of a neonatologist who will perform the medical check-ups and weigh and measure your baby, put him/her a bracelet with a unique number which the baby will wear until he/she is discharged from the hospital, then the baby is given to the mother and put on her breasts.

In case that your baby needs urgent medical care, you will be able to see your newborn for a while and then your baby will be left to the care of our specialist neonatologists – it is determined by the health condition of your baby and the necessary medical care that it requires.

In a normal delivery when there are no complications to the mother or the baby, you may spend the first two hours after the delivery together with your newborn and the baby’s father in the delivery room.

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