If you have some of the certain signs that the delivery has started, described in The Start of the delivery, or there are indications of emergency and you have already chosen to deliver your baby at MHAT “Nadezhda”, you have to go to our emergency admission office.

Our Emergency admission office is located on level minus 1, right next to the hospital entrance, on the side of the parking lot for patients. The patients who address the Emergency admission office are admitted by the obstetricians-gynecologists and midwives on duty in the Maternity ward. Once you get into the hospital you should call them by using the emergency line and dial extension 444.

If you arrive by taxi at the hospital main entrance, please inform our staff at the hospital sector ”Information” or the security that you are coming for admission and that your case is a case of emergency delivery.

Here is a list of some things that you should bring with you at the time of your hospital admission if the delivery has started:

  • A proof of identity (an identity card or a passport – for foreigners);
  • A clinical path for hospitalization and an exchange card issued by the “Female consultation” – for patients who have health insurance
  • A valid test result of (CBC) Complete Blood Count and Rhesus factor (Rh)
  • Results of serological tests for HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis (valid for 6 months)

Personal belongings – a mobile telephone and a suitable charger!

For any other personal belongings that you may find useful, check the section Preparation for the Maternity ward.

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