It is not a secret how dramatic the procedure of delivery and labour could be – we all have heard of at least one frightening story, full of scary settings of sharp light, earsplitting noises, sensation of cold and fear. Even when the most experienced and careful medical team takes care of us, what looks most impressive to us while we are surrounded by the dramatic setting of the hospital delivery room, is the atmosphere that is completely different from any home atmosphere and the lack of coziness which in fact any woman in child-birth needs so disparately during that special and intimate for her moment.

If you have already viewed the gallery of images of our delivery rooms or you have visited them during our Doors Open Days, you should know that at our hospital MHAT”Nadezhda” the atmosphere is very similar to a home atmosphere. We have prepared a list of some simple but very important things to help you have a smooth and safe labour and delivery:

Water intake

The water intake is important for the good medical state and health of the woman in child-birth and for the normal process of the delivery. You should prepare a small bottle of water with a special bottle cap so that you can use it when you are in a lying down position. Take small sips of water and make sure you water your mouth and throat well.

Glucose intake

In case of a prolonged delivery and lack of food intake you need to take glucose so that you can have normal uterine contractions. You may have glucose via intravenous infusions of a glucose solution or by consuming some candies.

Warm shower

It is a good idea if you have brought a comfortable bath-robe and slippers that are suitable for bathrooms. A warm shower will hydrate and refresh you during the child birthing and a jet of warm water toward the tensed and painful areas of your body will lead to natural relief and relaxation. Each of our delivery rooms is furnished with a bathroom available to women in labour.

Promoting unrestricted movements

The body movements during the first stage of the labour (the stage of dilation of the cervix and descending the baby’s head) enables the delivery process, decreases the sensation of pain and pressure. You may use different devices to achieve better mobility (special birthing balls, a sling for support, a wall ladder, mattresses and pillows.


Aromatic oils are another helpful method that may help you achieve good relaxation. So bring with you your favorite aromatic oil. The most suitable aromatic oils, used during birth giving, are wild geranium, lavender, neroli, rose, ylang-ylang and jasmine oils. You may bring an aroma lamp, rub some drops on your skin and also inhale the aroma using a cloth sprayed with aromatic oil.

Music and dance

A dance, similar to the blues music, performed by you and your partner while listening to your favorite music, will make you feel better and will speed up the dilation of the cervix and the descending of the baby in the bony pelvis. So you may prepare a flash memory with your favorite music. This special dance with your partner will make him part of this great moment in your lives when your baby is born.

Even if you choose to go through this stage of labour alone, your favorite music may bring you more confidence and peace which you really need now!

Dim light

Strong and bright light can be an irritating factor at the time of birth delivery. Some dim light in the delivery room will lower the stress for the woman in labour and will also create a more intimate atmosphere. Do not hesitate to ask us to lower the intensity of the lights or to drop down the curtains made of soft fabrics – we have chosen them with the intention to make this moment easier for you and bring you more relief at this point of the childbearing!


If the presence of our medical staff is making you feel uncomfortable, you may ask them to appear in the room less frequently. The baby’s heart rate, when the monitor is switched on, can be observed by the midwives even when they are not constantly present in the room. At the same time you can be sure that our team is always at hand at our facilities if you need some help and support.

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