The father of your newborn is an extremely important participant in the delivery of the baby – he will encourage you to breathe properly when you experience some pain or an urge to push, he will massage the tense zones of your body, help you take the right position during the delivery and will take the first photos of you and your newborn!

During the delivery, you can be accompanied by your partner (the father of the baby). For this supporting role you may choose someone else (in accordance with the hospital rules and policy).

If the person accompanying you during the delivery does not feel comfortable or is nervous, he may leave the delivery room at the time of the checkups, the placement of the epidural anaesthetic, the actual delivery and the performance of some surgical procedures. Right after the completion of all the necessary medical procedures that may have upset him, he can return and stay again with you and your newborn during the early postnatal period until you are transferred to the postnatal clinic.

Who is going to accompany you at the time of the delivery is determined by your wish and your particular situation.
In some emergency or hazardous conditions it is advisable the persons accompanying the woman in labour to leave the delivery room until the critical situation is again under control.

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