Childbirth gives the unique opportunity to have useful stem cells from some tissues stored - the umbilical cord blood and the umbilical cord tissue. These procedures and the processing and storage of the tissues are performed by specialized medical institutions - tissue banks that follow all legal requirements and have signed an agreement with the hospital and have received informed consent from the parents.

Nadezhda Hospital allows the potential parents to take advantage of this chance, as the hospital has signed cooperation agreements with the following stem cell banks:

  • Bio Regeneration Tissue Bank
  • Bulgen Tissue Bank
  • Cryo Centre Bulgaria (Cryo Save) Tissue Bank
  • MC Aphrodite (Future Health)
  • Sadasa (Cells4Life) Tissue Bank

To perform the procedure of taking some tissues for stem cell extraction the mother is under the obligation to warn the hospital team of her intention to do so and to get information if the stem cell bank, chosen by her, has a valid contract as required by law.

Nadezhda Hospital works in collaboration with the teams of tissue banks insofar as this does not disturb the normal process in the delivery rooms or the operating rooms and does not threaten the health of both the mother and the infant.

Notifying the Stem Cell Bank that childbirth is to start is a responsibility of the parents.

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