We are a team of dreamers who are not afraid of and embrace challenges – for us there was no other way to share with you the happiest moments of conception and giving birth than to commit ourselves to you and be by your side at the time when you were going through trials.
We set up and developed “Nadezhda” not just as a hospital but as a place with a mission – we not only share your fertility problems and fulfillment of becoming a mother but we also want to give every Woman the most complete care she deserves. At our hospital we want every patient, daughter and beloved to feel safe for her health, as well as for the health of her family.

Our vision is what makes us stand out of the others:

  • At Nadezhda works our interdisciplinary team of talented specialists and doctors – we achieve high levels of success because we work together;
  • At Nadezhda we have carefully selected laboratories and medical equipment that meet the highest standards;
  • At Nadezhda our patients do not feel like victims of trivial formalities and etiquette – we know you and apply individualized treatment to our patients;
  • At Nadezhda we respect and protect the patients’ rights – because we want you to feel at our hospital like at your home;
  • At Nadezhda with every further step we make we search for innovative solutions and discover new horizons for advancements;
  • At Nadezhda the word “science” is not an academic exotic word but an everyday fact;
  • At Nadezhda learning and professional development never stop;
  • At Nadezhda our team shares its knowledge with its colleagues from the country and abroad;
  • At Nadezhda we know the limits of our competency and we take responsibility for our decisions;
  • At Nadezhda we listen to you – our discussions and comments on our successes, and moreover, on our mistakes, give us the right perspective in the path that we follow together with you;
  • At Nadezhda we want you to be part of every step that we make further;
  • At Nadezhda along with a prescription we give you compassion – the secret ingredient of success;
  • And finally –at Nadezhda every one of us not only has the knowledge and experience but also has his/her heart in his/her work.
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